Our specialty is frameless heavy glass shower enclosures and custom mirrors!

Shower Enclosures - Doors

Fabricate & Install Frameless Heavy Glass Shower Enclosures & Shower Doors


Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors

Fabricate & Install Custom Mirrors


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Etched Glass

Custom Etched Glass Installation


Other Services

Glass-mirrored shelving. Tabletops


Residential & Commercial Jobs - All Custom Glass can accommodate just about any glass need you have. Manufacturer's warranty applies to all products sold.


1. How do I go about getting a quote?
If you are working with a contractor & have drawings or blueprints available, you can fax them or schedule an appointment to go over them, and an approximate cost can be determined. If you don't have any plans and you would like All Custom Glass to design a plan for you, call to schedule an appointment. Additional fees may apply for consultation and design.

2. What is the lead time for installation?
To measure for an accurate, custom fit, final measurements need to be done after the tile work has been installed. At that time a final job quote is determined. Once we have an approved order from you, installation will be scheduled approximately two weeks later.

3. What are my choices for different glass?
We have different thicknesses such as 3/8" and 1/2" glass. We also have beautiful textured glass such as rain glass, bubble & other obscure glass for a custom look or to help with privacy issues.

4. How do I tell if I need new windows?
If you have double pane windows and there is moisture between the panes that you cannot clean, that means the seal has failed and the glass needs to be replaced.

5. Why do my windows have moisture on the inside of the house? Does that mean I need new windows?
Frequently in colder weather the air is dryer and we add humidity into our homes to compensate. Condensation on the inside of windows means the humidity level is too high. Often times it's not the window. Turning the humidity down slightly will remedy the issue and usually no new windows are needed.


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